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What a Social Enterprise means for you

Whatever their marketing spiel, other recruitment consultancies, generate profit to benefit shareholders, management, and award staff substantial bonuses. This is their business model and their raison d’être

Triforce is different. Once we’ve covered our running costs, we re-invest up to 75% of our profits back into helping you, the candidates, to get the careers you deserve. We want to invest in the future of our service leavers, not make a profit from you and your colleagues endeavour, bravery and commitment.

Further to this, we aim to fund a carefully selected panel of charities who focus upon supporting disabled, disadvantaged service leavers and ex-service personnel. 

Our laser focused goal is to serve our service personnel and ensure that when they enter the civilian job world they’re prepared, rehearsed and ready to demonstrate their unique edge over their civilian counterparts.

It’s this desire to make a difference that sets us apart from all our competitors.

If you’re a service leaver, we want to help you to showcase your unrivalled talent, and broad skill-set that have been honed by years of challenge, responsibility and  self-discipline. Most Armed Forces personal are too humble to admit or even realise how unique they are as individuals and just how much they have to offer civilian employers. Our aim is to help you and them realise your achievements and demonstrate just how much potential you can bring to their company in the future.

If you’re an employer, we want to assist you in using the immense talent of ex-forces personnel to grow your business.

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